Apes Giggle Like Humans

Did you ever wonder if humans were the only creatures that could laugh? Laughter is such an important part of our lives that surely other animals can do it too. The answer is yes, they can! Apes can laugh just like we can. The sound is a little different, but they can actually laugh in even more ways than we can!

This is the first two part video we have. The first video explains a little bit about how apes laugh. It tells us they do it for much the same reason as we do, but they do it slightly different than us, but it's all the same thing. So, what does an ape sound like when it laughs? That's what the second video is for. You can hear a gorilla laughing on that one.

Both of these videos were uploaded to YouTube by Dicovery Networks.You can see more videos at the link. The first one is from June 4, 2009. The second is from June 9, 2009.

Below is the second part of this story. You can hear the gorilla laughing in this one. It also contains some extra information about this.

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  1. How funny! The laughing sure was different than humans though!

  2. In the "Tarzan" movies his chimp laughed, it was a dub in I am sure.

  3. Amazing, and not tickling a gorilla's foot is good advice I will follow :O)


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