The Intelligence Of Crows

Crows and ravens. Some of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. But do you know how intelligent? Maybe they're almost as intelligent as us. Who knows? They could be the next rulers of the world! Let's take a look at a video that talks about how intelligent we think these birds really are.

Crows have done some amazingly intelligent things.  They are thought to be maybe even smarter than the great apes. That would be second only to humans. When we think that somebody is "bird brained", maybe we should think again. It definitely doesn't refer to these birds.

This video was put on the internet by the California Academy Of Sciences on August 07, 2009. Follow the link to see this and more interesting videos from them.

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  1. My husband feeds the crows that hang out at the shop he works at. He's always talking about how smart they are.

  2. Their communication skills are good also.If a crow finds a roosting owl, they come out of the woodwork to join in harassing this creature.

  3. I love fact I love most carrion which a lot of people hate but I think they are magnificent creatures and I am happy to have them around my home even if a group of them is referred to as a murder!!

    I don't doubt for a minute that they are smart...after all they seriously know how freak out my

  4. I'm am a crow, raven and magpie fan too. Well, maybe all birds.


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