Bug Shots

Bug Shots is written by Darren Allen who is an amateur photographer from Australia. His photos certainly look professional to me. He says he is passionate about close-up/ macro photography. Darren is especially interested in insects and hopes to be able to show facets of these little creatures that aren't normally seen.

Darren photographs his subjects in their natural environments. That means that he does not capture or harm them in any way. He also says that he is not an Entomology expert and welcomes corrections as well as other comments. As a photographer, he is still learning and hopes to pass along helpful hints as he goes. His part of the world is beginning its winter so I am hoping he will be able to find enough bugs to keep me satisfied until his spriong.

The Wandering Percher Dragonfly is a marvelous example of his close-up pictures. At first all you see are the grotesque eyes of this creature. Then as you scroll down you will see the dragonfly in all its beauty. Its wings are truly gossamer. You would have to wonder how they don't tear to shreds at the least thing.

Darren has several fantastic spider pictures. I like the story that tells about the time he was bitten by a Jumping Spider. I know I shouldn't laugh but it is amusing. These spiders are actually quite lovely when you look at his photos.

A Hover Fly in flight is a fascinating sight. There are also pictures of it at rest. The detail of the body markings is outstanding. Again the wings are breath-taking.

I could go on and on about these pictures. We don't stop to consider the beauty of tiny creatures until someone like Darren takes the time to remind us. I am thankful he does and I hope you will take a look too. I know you will appreciate the intricacy of his photography as well as the chance to get a close look at some of the little creatures. Please leave him a comment and tell him Emma sent you. The link is below.

Bug Shots

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