That First Catch

Written by Steve of Out On The Prairie.

When enjoying the outdoors, there is always something that will leave a distinct impression. It may be a bird, flower, insect, weather or just having fun with someone that leaves a mark in your heart. It doesn’t take much to get out and become one with nature. It may even be in your own backyard.

I have a great collection of books to identify just about everything I might see in the outdoors. A favorite is to look for some that are area specific such as your state. I also have some smaller versions that make it easier to take with you. I have gotten quite a few of these on the Internet through various booksellers. Watching a fundraiser on TV I saw a great book they were offering and was surprised to find their $ 40.00 valued item for less than one third of that price. So now I always check before paying full price at some of the great chain stores I enjoy drinking coffee and reading through their books for free.

Someone asked me recently what my favorite choice for binoculars was. My reply was those that fit my big head and I could afford. Equipment should be kept simple for someone starting out. I think of when I first started backpacking and going through catalogs selecting what I thought I needed. When I added it up it was a shocker, and looked at borrowing some things until I felt I really couldn’t do without them. In fact some cheaper choices worked well lasting me for years. It all depends on how much you really use them in the long run. My friends were astounded when I bought a top of the line bike, but after years of biking I felt I deserved the best. Now twenty years later I have the same bike and had to do little to keep it up.

A good choice of what to enjoy depends on whom you will share all this with. When I had a family at home I centered a lot of what I did around my kids interests, and tried to interest them also in things I enjoyed. My kids became well traveled and had a good background to sometimes astound their teachers in school. Now with an empty nest I still center on the people I will enjoy sharing with. I like to bird and shoot photos, so most of the people I am around have the same interests. I also have friends who share specific interests such as insects, gardening and fishing also. Many of this extended family is online, in a variety of shared blogs and chats.

This week all the birders are centered on first sightings, a recent find left me feeling as if I was right there to share it. It was that first catch; a new idea spreads into joy for many. So what do you need? It is real easy, get out and enjoy nature around you. I find being indoors rather bland and boring so I spend as much as I can doing what I like best. That first catch may be in your backyard.

This article was written by Steve of Out On The Prairie. If you'd like to read more of his work, follow this link to find Steve's blog. Leave him a nice comment to let him know you were there.
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  1. Great tips for enriching one's enjoyment of Nature. I like the tip about finding book deals online. Never seems to enough books on Nature.

    Seeing a new bird is always a thrill!

  2. I would love to have more people around that are interested in the sames things I am. Even one would be Like your tips, it doesn't have to cost a fortune to go out and enjoy what the world has to offer.

  3. I am a great believer in keeping things as cheap and simple as makes it so much easier to involve the family in things and also to introduce new people into things which you love and hopefully get them interested. At the end of the day nature is free so why spend a whole lot of money for what is on your doorstep....the first things to do in nature is to take the time to your eyes and listen!!


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