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Nature Finder is a fun, yet educational blog about marine ecosystems, seabirds, ecotourism, and human-wildlife isues. It has been available online since the end of 2008. You will see some fabulous pictures and read some thought provoking articles. You will thoroughly entertained the whole while.

Wayne Sentman is the author of Nature Finder. According to his web page, he is a field biologist and experienced naturalist. Although his home base is in Boston, he is affiliated with the Oceanic Society of San Francisco and works in and around South America, South Pacific, Alaska, and South Africa. He teaches and photographs wildlife. When he has extra time, he kayaks, snorkels, and dives. Thank goodness he can find time to write this blog for us to enjoy.

Recently, Wayne attended a World Oceans Day at the New England Aquarium. Along with 5th grade students, he had a table so they could tell visitors about things they could do to help the world's oceans. Students and their families signed pledges to reduce the amounts of red meat they will eat to help offset the amount of CO2 used for air travel related to marine research and ecotourism.

If you want to see a Laysan Albatross laying an egg, the video is here. The mother looks at it like, "What the heck is this?!" and then settles on the egg as any mama would do. The video is at the end of a fascinating article about wildlife at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Preserve.

Another interesting article is about restoring the habitat at Midway Atoll. Invasive plants are a serious problem. They have found more than 240 non-native species on Sand Island. These plants do not allow the nesting that is required for the native birds. As always great pictures accompany the post.

Nature Finder is such a pleasure to read. Wayne doesn't post as often as I would like but when he does, it's worth the wait. I've learned a great deal about marine ecology from this site. I'm sure you will too. Click on the link below to introduce yourself to Nature Finder. Then leave Wayne a message telling how much you like it. Let him know Emma sent you.

Nature Finder

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  1. Thank you Emma for exploring my site and telling others about it. I have enjoyed reading the Nature Center magazine site and will return. I am hoping to get more "regular" in my posts now that I am back in Boston for the summer. Thanks again for focusing some attention on the Green Team's CO2 offset efforts, we have had a great time working with them.


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