My Journey

My Journey is written by Rainfield61.  He enjoys hiking up Mt. Kinabalu and taking pictures of everything in his beloved Cerok Tokun. The pictures are "akin to breathing" and Rainfield is getting younger and younger as I get older and older. This site provides us with a close-up look at the plants, animals and scenery in this area of Malaysia.

Rainfield takes us on all sorts of adventures. One of my favorites is a picture of the "World Above Me". Looking out at the Mengkuang Dam is like looking at heaven for Rainfield. I think I must agree. He has the soul of a philosopher and the heart of Indiana Jones which makes for beautiful insights of the places he visits.

There is also a trip into Wonderland. Alice is a special friend of his and she makes sure to have Wonderland at its very best when Rainfield takes us to this special place. As a matter of fact, this is such a unique journey that it has two parts, so be sure to join him on the second day too.

Rainfield hosted a virtual hike with him on one of the trails of Cerok Tokun. It is a three day trek but, oh, so entertaining. He takes us up the stairs at the beginning of the trail and on until we must stop to catch our breaths because we are short of oxygen. He is a considerate host. This hike takes several days and is a wonderful learning experience.

Normally, the monkeys give Rainfield a difficult time, but he came across a Dusky Leaf Monkey that put on quite a show for us. It climbed around and posed for several photos before leaving. Be sure to read all the monkey stories. These are very mischievous little animals.

Rainfield shows pictures of the only place in Malaysia able to grow strawberries.  The caterpillar of the Common Archduke butterfly is one of the loveliest things I've ever seen. Mushrooms become a home for the Smurfs.

Rainfield has one of the most entertaining blogs you'll find. He seems to view the world in a slightly different way and makes it a fun place to be. I know you will find yourself going back and reading all his previous posts because you will be totally enchanted by his style. I guarantee you will have a good time. Please let Rainfield know what a good time you have and tell him Emma sent you. The link to his site is below.

My Journey

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  1. I do not know there is someone who I do not know, but instead, she knows me so much.

    Is it a a good sign or a warning signal?

    No matter how, thank you very much Emma Springfield.

    Have a good day.

  2. I adore Rainfield and his blog. You are right, he is a philosopher with so much wisdom. I love his entertaining stories and hikes and love seeing nature and this world through his eyes.


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