There you are. Grab a cold one and come on into the tent out of the rain. It's warm but wet today. Ready for a trip to Georgia? I've got all the information here and, boy, is there a bunch! This is going to be fun. It'll take some time but I'm up for it.

Georgia is state number 4 in the United States. It was also one of the seven original Confederate Sates and the last of those to be restored to the Union. The state animal is the Pogo Possum and the state shell is the Knobbed Whelk.

Georgia has about 250 species of trees. A few are cypress, sweetgum, and hickory. There are 58 protected plants.You'll find palmetto, yellow jasmine, and mountain laurel. Poisonous snakes include cottonmouth, eastern diamondback, and copperhead. There are 79 species of reptile and 63 species of amphibians in Georgia. White-tailed deer abound. There are freshwater and saltwater fish. Porpoises, whales, shrimp, oysters, and blue crabs are found in coastal waters.

This is a state that really celebrates it's history. In all the materials I have, things are centered around historical sites. And rightfully so. I won't  list names of famous people or sites. You will see them for yourself when you decide what to visit. I will say that with each one there will be nature all around.

You will find so many ways to see Georgia. There are marsh eco-tours, dolphin-watching excursions, sea turtle walks, guided bird-watching, Segway nature tours, kayak tours, beach, horseback riding, and wildlife viewing platforms. The visitor's guide has four pages of scenic trails listed. Some are by water, some are by foot, and some are by car. I like the fact that you can drive a scenic trail and stop if you want to explore a bit. There are carriage rides, hay rides, paddle boats, and bicycles. And of course, you can always just set out on your own and take a little extra time to enjoy nature.

Gardens and flowers are especially popular in Georgia. They are found around almost every historical building. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens feature 30 acres of gardens and woodlands. You can stroll along a 600-canopy walk through the trees. The nation's largest orchid house is here. For flower people, Georgia is definitely the place to be. And don't forget that Georgia is the home of the Vidalia onion.

Georgia has a bunch of unusual animals. Eighty miniature horses are at home at Fallen Star Ranch. Tanglewood Farm Miniatures allows you to pet some of the more than 100 miniature farm animals like babydoll sheep, potbellied pigs, and dwarf bunnies. There are kangaroos, emus, and other unexpected types of animals in farms all over the place. At Yellow River Game Ranch there are black bears, cougars, and buffalo. If you don't see them in a more natural setting, you can see them here.

Birders will be in Hog Heaven in this state. There are birds in the wetlands, birds in the woods, birds in the gardens, birds along the trails. There are water birds, song birds, day birds, and night birds. There are birding tours or you can find a likely area and spot for yourself.

Hiking trails are plentiful. Again you can walk by the water, through the woods, through gardens, and along mountain trails. You might even want to walk along the Trail of Tears. Aska Trails is a 17 Mile hiking and mountain-biking trail system. It also features rock climbing for the really adventurous among us.

Feeling a bit occult? There are haunted tours of almost every imaginable kind. Cathedrals, pubs, homes, and underground are all included. Check the area you are visiting if you are interested.

I haven't included even half of what Georgia has to offer. Get the tour book and check it out for yourself. About the tour book; it is outstanding. It is divided into sections of the state as many tourbooks are. Toward the end of each section is a list of visitors resources to help you find the types of places you want to explore. There are lists of attractions available in each section and most of them actually tell you the cost (if any). There are even recipes for each section. Another thing I liked was that they included in the package I received a separate guide listing things to do with your kids. Most cost little or nothing.

Are you as excited about this adventure as I am? When you get home and get a bit of rest, let me know what you saw and did. I'm always up for something new. Links for Georgia are below. Have fun.


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Georgia Department of Natural Resources
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  1. Georgia does have much to see and enjoy. Of course I may be prejudice since I live here.:) I would like to add the Georgia Aquarium to your well-rounded list of places to visit. It is amazing!

  2. The aquarium was one of many things I don't have listed. I neglected to mention the feral horses too. There is just so much there. Thanks for calling that to my attention, Jean.


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