Generation Z: Cruising in an RV

Generation Z: Cruising in an RV is an innovative blog written by Carol. She is an accomplished businesswoman who retired five years ago and came to the United States from the Philippines. She married Bill. A wedding favor was a booklet about "Cruising to a Life Together". When Bill retired, they took the booklet seriously.

Bill and Carol bought an RV and set out cruising. Along the way they do the regular tourist things and take a lot of pictures. Luckily for us they share them with us in this blog.

When you read about the author, you will see that Carol was extremely successful as a career person. As you read the blog, you will see that she has applied her organizational skills to both her life and to her blog. She tells us how she organizes the blog. In other posts she debates the pros and cons of their lifestyle and examines the economics of RV living. As you browse through the posts you will find her giving us an update as she reviews her status. Very good organization.

Carol and Bill have covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. When I first discovered her blog, they were in Alaska. Shopping and tourist attractions are featured as well as a family visit. Then it's on to picturesque nature. Everything is accompanied by fantastic photos. There is a great picture of a grizzly bear crossing the road. I could almost feel the cold of the glaciers as I looked at the pictures of them.

The trip to Mexico tells about the border crossing, the difficulties in finding RV parks, and the price of gas. They traveled through the country sampling the shopping and food. There was even a festival that Carol and Bill attended. The scenery is wonderful. I have always thought it would be great to climb to the top of one of the Mexican pyramids like Teotihuacan. Bill and Carol did it.

Right now these two are in the Virginia area. They traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway to see Mabry Mill. Gorgeous. I enjoyed just looking at the pictures. The story was a bonus. Carol shares with us what the next visits will be. I'm looking forward to it.

Generation Z is a travelogue of the first order. You really feel as if you are looking through the windows of the RV with Bill and Carol. I am so glad they decided to include us in their travel plans. It's a great way to see the places you always wanted to see. Travel along with them. Then leave a message and please tell them Emma sent you. The link to their site is below.

Generation Z: Cruising in an RV

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  1. Emma, I have been enjoying this charming blog for weeks. The pictures are splendid. The stories are very informative and interesting. This is a well deserving blog to feature!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring our blog. This makes the effort more fun and all the more worthwhile. You have also introduced us to a great e-magazine! Again, thank you very much.


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