Anza Borrego

Anza Borrego is a blog about Anza Borrego State Park, the largest state park in California. Bob and his family have been visiting this park since his son was less than a year old. That means 15 years of learning about Anza Borrego. He shares their adventures with us and has stunning pictures to show us as well.

Bob has a network of family and friends who accompany him when they are hiking and camping. They have a tradition of spending Thanksgiving at Anza Borrego. The link I gave you is for Thanksgiving, 2009. I got a kick out of the story of cooking the turkey in the Imu Pit. I know you will want to read about the past Thanksgivings too. I believe they try to cook that bird a different way every year. At any rate, they have a lovely holiday each year and get to enjoy nature and their friends.

The pictures of wildflowers and cactus blooms particularly caught my attention. Breathtaking beauty is everywhere on his pages.  I actually gasped at the beauty of the blooms in this post. The beavertail cacti are astounding. There are pictures like these all through the posts, so make sure to look at everything.

The crew first visited the Anza Borrego Mud Caves in 2005. There are pictures of that visit on the site. Bob and bunch recently returned for further explorations of the caves. Of course there are more pictures. They had a barbeque and showed some more of the caves. Fossils of ancient animals such as mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers have been found here.

Animal life is all over in Anza Borrego. While they were searching for the ruins of an abandoned railroad site, Bob and friends were lucky enough to come across a small herd of bighorn sheep. At the end of the article, there is a link to some more pictures of the bighorns along with many other interesting desert finds. They didn't find the railroad site that day, but as you browse through this blog you will learn that they found it another day.

Bob has visited the highest wood water tower, shows us Christmas at Anza Borrego, and takes us to Ghost Mountain. All of this is done within only one state park! Nature is all around. All we have to do is experience it.

Bob includes links and recommendations often. He has some wonderful suggestions for field guides and further information about the topic of his post. I had no idea that the desert is so teeming with life. I thank Bob for informing me otherwise. Please check the link below to see what he has to show you. Please leave him a comment and tell him Emma sent you.

Anza Borrego

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  1. Hi Emma,
    Thanks for the review of my Anza Borrego BLOG.
    Please check back again as I should be adding a new post in a week or so when we do a hike out in Carrizo Gorge.
    That is of course, unless the temperatures aren't too hot. :-)


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