Ain't Nature Grand

I'm here to bring you another Cool Nature Video. This time it's another great old cartoon called "Ain't Nature Grand". I like this one because it gives a good representation of my particular little nature fantasy world. This should give you all a good look at my typical day out with nature. Now you'll get to to find out what life is like for an Everyday Adventurer like me.

Ain't Nature Grand was released in March of 1931 by Leon Schlesinger Studios, where Bugs Bunny got his start. It's about a popular cartoon character from the time, called Bosko. In this cartoon, Bosko fishes, sings, and dances with frogs, until two ladybugs use a dragonfly as an airplane, on which they carry along a beehive and tree branch, that they use as a machine gun to drive away poor Bosko.

This cartoon is now in the public domain. It was originally in black and white, but this version has now been colorized. I hope you enjoy it. You can find this here on YouTube along with others.

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