Out On The Prairie

Out On The Prairie is written by the crazy mountain man of Iowa. If you are looking for some insight into the middle of the United States, this is the place to go. Steve describes himself as a naturalist. He is a photojournalist who shares his love of the outdoors with us in the form of his fantastic pictures and spellbinding stories.

We get a pleasant combination of the prairie the way it looks today and the way it may have been in the past.

When Steve wrote a Poem For Mother's Day he included pictures of flowers so beautiful that you can almost smell them. I especially enjoyed the article for May Day. Apparently this celebration is regional because anyone that I've ever told of the custom of delivering May baskets and running away has looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

The Prairie Story is an ongoing attraction of this blog. Steve paints a verbal picture of life on the prairie. There might be the story of new settlers trying to make a new life on the plains. You can read about enjoying a day in the great outdoors and philosophizing about life in general. Perhaps you would like to read a quick little love story. Each is a short, but complete story that leaves us with wistful thoughts of what might have happened and we sort of add to it with our imaginations. That is the mark of a good story. I recommend that you start with Prairie Story #1 and read them in order.

Out On The Prairie is a fairly new blog that we will watch grow with eagerness. Every page has beautiful pictures to accompany Steve's words. This is a short introduction to Steve's site because it is so new, but it's definitely worth reading. As always, please leave a comment after reading Out On The Prairie. Tell Steve that Emma sent you.

Out On The Prairie

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  1. Steve is a gifted writer, storyteller and photographer. I look forward to every new entry.

  2. I am familiar with this blog and I am glad you are giving them such a great review!


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