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Would you like a natural way to improve your immunity? Treat ulcers? Cure fatigue? Have I got a blog for you. Live and Feel is a site dealing with medicinal plants.
On the first page of Live and Feel, there is a list of plants. Click on each one and you will learn all about that plant. You will be able to identify it as well as find out what benefits it has. There are recommendations for the uses and, if necessary, harmful effects. I did have trouble with a few terms, but that is why we have the internent.

At random I chose chicory. It is an edible perennial herb native to North Africa, Europe and Asia that can now be found in warm climates all over the world. Old Egyptians used it to treat liver and gallbladder problems. The French used it as a coffee substitute. Chicory is used to aid digestion, detoxify the blood, and reduce diabetes and arterial sclerosis. There are recipes for preparing chicory for use and when and how to use it for the desired effects.

When I clicked the tab at the top titled "beauty", I found a page full of beauty concerns. Again at random, I chose tooth decay. I found out how tooth decay is caused. I learned something about prevention. Then I found out about substances used to treat teeth.

There are also tabs for natural remedies, diets, and fruits and vegetables. As I said before, there are contraindications for some of these plants so make sure you read them carefully. If there is any question at all about the safety of your use of something be sure to check with your physician.

The medical community is beginning to realize that many "old wives" treatments have real medical qualities. I believe it is always better to use natural means to take care of yourself if possible. This is an informative site with a large list of plants. As far as I can tell, there have been no new posts to this site in 2010, but the information available here is constant. Normally I ask you to visit the site (please do) and leave a comment to tell them I sent you. I found no comments section so I have been unable to leave a comment. If you find one please let me know so I can leave a comment too.

Live And Feel

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  1. this is one of my favourite things.....medicinal health and healing. I have lots of books and choose to grow a lot of what is good for ailments ...I will definitely check the site out if there is something I can't find in one of my books. Thanks.,


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