The Joy of Bird Watching and Living a Simple Life

The Joy of Bird Watching and Living A Simple Life is such a fun blog to read.  Written by Jean, the setting is in Northwest Georgia where Jean lives. She lives in a camper (a wise choice in this economic climate) and shares her observations of the plant and animal life around her. The land around her is given over to her beautiful natural garden that is designed to welcome wildlife, especially birds. Jean has 9 bird feeders and 3 bird houses that she maintains with spectacular results.

Jean has a special love for birds that is evident in her pictures. When you read her blog, be sure to go back to her older posts. She follows a nest from eggs to hatchlings. There are gorgeous pictures of many types of birds that frequent her garden. My newest favorite picture is of an Indigo Bunting and a Blue Groesbeck  at one her feeders. Look around to find your favorite.

We can't forget Jean's plants. Bleeding hearts, blueberries, iris, jack-in-the-pulpit... she has an exquisite variety. She states that she tries to include some native plants every year which gives her garden a marvelous un-manicured look. Again you should explore her older posts to find more pictures.

Jean even has a waterfall! She and her son made a water garden to entice birds that aren't fond of birdbaths. Besides being nice to look at, it provides her with an opportunity to see even more birds. She has pictures to show how it is built so perhaps you might like to try one yourself.

I have this lovely picture in my mind of Jean dressed in a softly flowing dress with a wide brimmed hat (decorated stylishly with flowers) serving refreshments at a round tea-table in her garden on a gently warm summer day. All the ladies are dressed in the same way and they sit quietly enjoying nature in Jean's beautiful surroundings. Please join her. The link is below. Before you take your leave, leave her a comment and tell her Emma sent you.

The Joy of Bird Watching and Living a Simple Life

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  1. Always a breath of fresh air to see a new blog by Jean. It places one right in her yard to see some of the incredible sights she shares with us.

  2. Emma, Awww...thanks for the wonderful review! I am blushing as any Southern lady would and yes I sometimes wear a long flowered dress and wide brim hat...with flip-flops.:)

    Thanks, Steve/Out on the prairie for your comment!


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