Fish With Transparent Head

In this week's Cool Nature Video we bring you the Barreleye fish. The barreleye fish is one of the strangest creatures in the world. This fish has a transparent head! The head has a look that is very deceptive. The eyes aren't in quite the place where we think they are.

It took a very long time for scientists to capture one of these fish on film, Even though they knew of their existence, these barreleye fish have eluded them. Now the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute has finally been able to get one of these fascinating fish by sending down a deep sea remotely operated vehicle. Watch the video to see what this is all about.

This video was brought to us by Nation Geographic. You can view the original version from Monterey Bay Aquarium here: Macropinna microstoma

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  1. Odd looking fish yet so fascinating.

  2. wow..this is fascinating...Does it's head glow?? I was kind of given that impression from the video...and ingenious little creature for they know its measurements as I am curious as to it's actual size.

  3. Wow, Ratty he is quite amazing. I've never seen one before. I wonder if his coloring helps him defend against predators.


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