Drunken Monkeys

This week's Cool Nature Video explores drunken monkeys. In the Caribbean, Vervet Monkeys that were brought over from Africa have developed a taste for alcohol by eating fermented sugar cane from the fields. Now they steal drinks from humans so they can get their alcohol.

The monkeys show a remarkable resemblance to humans in their alcoholic habits. Find out what motivates these monkeys to drink alcohol and what effect it might have on them. How similar are they to humans, really? How are the drunken monkeys judged by their peers?

This video is from BBC Worldwide

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  1. I've watched documentaries on these before...and other monkeys that get drunk from the fermented fruit...they are very cute!!

  2. Ratty, this is absolutely hilarious. They are so sneaky with those drinks. Love that Reggae music too. They kind of resemble me when drunk :D

  3. I am better at guarding my drinks than these tourists. They are far too expensive to let them go easily! I thought the video of the drunken animals ( not monkeys but larger animals ) eating the ripe marula fruit in Africa is even funnier ( the elephants actually shake the trees to make the fruit fall to the ground, then it's a free for all for all the animals to grab it ).


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