Grab a cup of something hot to drink. The rain is trying drown out my camp fire, but I'm not gonna let that happen. Gotta keep all this stuff dry if we are going to plan a good trip to Connecticut. So we have some safe shelter, a good fire to keep the chill off, and lots of time till the rain lets up. I have most of the usual materials from the usual places.

For some reason I don't have my Connecticut Tour Guide. I just don't know if I didn't get it or just misplaced it. The internet has a lot of information, so that's what we'll use. Maybe it isn't raining in Connecticut. We're off!

Connecticut is often called the Nutmeg State but the official nickname is The Constitution State. The state song is Yankee Doodle. Even before it became the fifth state of the United States, Connecticut had the first official constitution (1639) recognized by Great Britain. Called the Fundamental Orders, they served as a model for the United States Constitution.

There are a great many gardens and historical homes in Connecticut. For instance, the New Canaan Nature Center is set on 40 acres. It has gardens and a solar powered green-house. There are trails leading to an arboretum and a maple sugar shed. Wild animals are all around.

Near Litchfield you can see Bull's Bridge and Kent Falls Bridge, two covered bridges. A drive or stroll through this area in the fall will give you a look at the breathtaking colors of the leaves. You'll see colors you didn't even know existed. Worth the trip if you do nothing else.

If hiking is your thing, 52 miles of the Appalachian Trail take you through fields full of flowers, forests full of animals and birds, and past rivers with more covered bridges. At Air Line State Park Trail, bikers can travel through the hills for about 50 miles. This trail was originally a railroad track for fast speed trains. And the Farmington Valley Greenway is 26 miles of multi-use trails that pass stone arches, historic buildings, canal locks, and iron bridges.

The Lost Park River Tour (sounds mysterious, doesn't it?) has what they call Huck Finn Adventures. It's an underground canoe trip through tunnels in Hartford. Canoing in the dark... Interesting... Wanna hunt for buried treasure? Legends say that Captain Kidd buried treasure while hiding from the British navy in the Thimble Islands. Kayak trips around this area gives a chance to explore out-of -the-way spots. There is also a wide variety of waterfowl for birders.

I'm finding that without the Connecticut Tour Guide I don't have the "fun" information that I can usually give you. Connecticut is a great place to visit. I've been there for a short period before. That's how I know about the fall colors. I feel like this is sort of boring without the guide and I apologize for that. Get your own vacation guide and find the places I couldn't find in my other sources. Let me know what they are and I'll keep them in mind for my next foray into this beautiful state. Or better yet, write a quick little story for Nature Center Magazine and share them with everybody. Be sure to check the links below. One of them is for my missing vacation guide. Have an exciting time in Connecticut and be sure to let me know about it.


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  1. I am an armchair traveler for now. You are helping me plan for future trips. Connecticut wasn't on my list but I think I will add it.

  2. I was surprised they actually had any wilderness the 1st time I went there. A lot of people commute from there. Liked how each town has a historical significance, such as Danbury, the colonial hat capital. Many might be shocked to see cowboy hats made at the Stetson factory.When you get coastal all the homes had dates and owners listed, and MMMMM really good seafood.


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