Zoo Kawaii

  Zoo Kawaii is full of animal pictures and stories. Calling itself an Animal Magazine For Children, this blog is definitely NOT just for children. I actually watched sharks attacking a submarine! And they explained why the sharks attacked.
It seems that sharks use electrical impulses to detect prey and the impulses from the submarine made the sharks hungry.

This is an attractive site with soft colors that appeal to children. The news articles are timely and easy to read and understand. It contains lots of pictures and videos which we all like to see. It is well-organized. You can view any article with little more than a glance and a click of the mouse. And I learned a little something with each "click".

You can find your favorite animal in the categories listed on the left side of the page. If you choose octopus, you will find that the octopus is venomous.  If you check for baby animals, there is a baby pygmy hippo shown in a video. It was recently born at Australia's Taronga Zoo. My personal favorite is the winner of the ugly dog contest. It is listed under the recent articles section.

Some articles might require parental explanation because they deal with birth and death, but the matter-of- fact way they are presented is in no way offensive. They are simply presentations of nature at its best. There is a listing of animals giving birth so you can make a choice of whether you want to view this.

Zoo Kawaii catches your eye and makes you want to keep looking. As you look around, you will want to look some more.

What a great way to introduce children to the wonders of the animal world.  And I do mean children of all ages. Give your children a treat and browse through this site with them. If they pick up a little knowledge along the way it's a bonus. Just click on the link below to see this site and leave a comment to tell them Emma sent you.

Zoo Kawaii

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  1. Nice to see you giving reviews on sites for people to check out...I'm sure my nephew will love this one and I will let him check it out when he is next over so Thank you

  2. sounds like an interesting site. I love zoos and now I can visit without even leaving home :)


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