Stokes Birding Blog

Stokes Birding Blog is written by Don and Lillian Stokes who live in New Hampshire. They are authors of best-selling bird field guides and nature books. They also appear on TV.

Lillian has awe-inspiring photos of the birds they write about. When I first discovered their site, I was simply astounded by the beauty of the pictures. It looks as if she was able to pose the birds in the way she wanted them. The colors are so vivid and detail is stupendous. One of my favorites is a Cooper's Hawk in flight.

Each set of pictures has valuable information about the subjects. For instance, you will learn how to attract orioles. The directions are easy to understand. I am not good with reading directions as a rule, but I do believe I will give this one a try.

There are several reports of birding expeditions Don and Lillian in which participated. Of course there are accounts of the trip along with pictures. At the end of each is a listing of the birds sighted. Interesting stuff.

Stokes Birding Blog is such a joy to read. Do yourself a favor and read the past blogs too. There is a trove of treasure in there.

As most blogs do, Stokes Birding Blog has links to other birding blogs. It gives readers the opportunity to find out about birds of various locations.

I enjoyed this blog. The pictures are wonderful, the articles informative; it was a good experience.Click on the link below to see this site and leave a comment to tell them Emma sent you.

Stokes Birding Blog

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  1. I have been a fan of the Stokes for years. Thanks for posting the link to their blog. I felt like a kid in a candy store checking though their posts and told them so.:)

  2. My Stokes never leaves my desktop unless i am going on a long birding vacation. Have all their books to reference a variety of subjects and always find my answer.


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