Red Squirrel Eating A Nut

This week's Cool Nature Video is actually a two website story. I decided to do a little experiment by demonstrating how Nature Center Magazine can collaborate with a blog to tie in our video article with a blog post. You can read the story of the squirrel in this video here, and see the video when you click to read more of this article.

The video for this week is of an American Red Squirrel eating a nut at a very speedy little pace. It might not seem like much compared to some of the sensationalistic videos I've already shown you, but it's still just as fun to watch. I'll have more crazy videos, but this time it's this funny red squirrel.

But first I want to share some small but interesting facts about this red squirrel. There are actually two kinds of red squirrel. This one is an American Red Squirrel. The other kind is the Eurasian Red Squirrel. They aren't really related other than the facts that they're both squirrels, and they have a strikingly similar appearance.

The American red squirrel's closest relation is actually the Douglas Squirrel. These two are both also called the common names, Pine Squirrel and Chickaree. All three types of squirrel mentioned are known for their smaller size as well as their amazing cuteness.

This video is my own creation. I took it on April 6, 2010. You can go to The Everyday Adventurer or Rattilla1's Channel on YouTube to see more of my work.

Nature Center Magazine features cool nature videos from sources around the internet. We always give full credit to the source. Do you know of a cool nature video that you think is worthy of being featured here? Comments are welcome.


  1. He is so busy eating the nut! I wonder if he even notices that you're there filming him..

  2. Cool- You would think from the enthusiasm that an acorn was a rare treat. Ha!

  3. Either he was really hungry or that was very tasty

  4. I love how he kept rolling it and rolling it as he nibbled!

  5. Wow, that squirrel was hungry! I'm sure he didn't have much to eat all winter, the way he was going at that nut!


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