Musing on Beaver Creek Marsh

Musing on Beaver Creek Marsh is a blog giving "observations on life at Beaver Creek Marsh". It is written by Michael and Jackie who are following the old adage that you should write about what you know. They not only know Beaver Creek Marsh but it is obvious that they love it.
Michael is an aquatic scientist who is married to visual artist Jackie. They homesteaded in Beaver Creek Marsh where they built their home and are using solar power and well water among other resources. They each write about the topic that is interesting for that moment.

For instance, Michael discovered that one of the first roads into the marsh was a railroad. He shows some beautiful pictures of the area and provides an interesting history. Then he enchants with pictures of the railroad way back when and pictures of the same place looking as it does today.

Jackie gives us an article that makes us wonder about stories of animals raining from the sky. The title of a book about raining cats and dogs caught her eye so she decided to research the notion. She tells you where to look to decide if "raining animals" are real.

I can see definite differences in the way Michael and Jackie view Beaver Creek Marsh. Jackie seems to be more reflective and looks at the origins of things. Michael certainly has a more pragmatic and to-the-heart-of -it approach to his articles. Both present us with a lovely picture of the area they have chosen for their home.

Along with the posts by Michael and Jackie, there are many links to the different types of plants, animals, and terrain of the area. There are also links to historical and cultural sites. And so many gorgeous pictures.When you are finished you will love the marsh as much as the authors do.

Reading Musing on Beaver Creek Marsh leaves me feeling as if I were sitting on the porch listening to a favorite aunt and uncle telling stories about the place they live. It is a relaxing way to spend an evening and learn a little something in the process. Click on the link below to see this site and leave a comment to tell them Emma sent you.

Musing on Beaver Creek Marsh

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