Drunk Squirrel

This week's Cool Nature Video is about a squirrel. Not just any squirrel. The video is about a drunken squirrel! Watch as this squirrel can barely stand up, but still tries its best to climb a tree. Have you ever seen a drunk squirrel before? What made this squirrel drunk? Click read more to find out!

They say on the YouTube channel where I found this that the squirrel got drunk by eating fermented melons. Of course, most of us know that fermentation is the process that creates alcohol, such as you would find in beer.

This poor little squirrel tries hard to climb a tree to get away from these videographers, but it's no use. It's so drunk that it can't even get off the ground. It grabs onto the tree several times, but it just can't get its claws in so it can climb up. I guess it's better off that way until it sobers up. The squirrel was reportedly fine the next day.

This video is by someone called Big Time Attic. It was put on YouTube on April 20, 2009.

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  1. pretty funny stuff! I'm glad it was ok the next day.

  2. this is a cool video...I love to see the animals when they have had something that sends them loopy...I used to have a cat who always licked the aftershave and perfume off people and got drunk with it...funny stuff!!!

  3. I saw a show on tv once that showed different animals after they had eaten fermented fruits. Poor little guy, hope he didn't have a hang over the next day...lol

  4. I saw this video on Youtube a while back. I felt real bad for that squirrel but glad he was okay the next day. It is funny though.


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