Deer Attack

This week's Cool Nature Video is about a deer that attacks a hunter. Or more precisely, it attacks a man who went out with the intention of having an encounter with a deer. I don't know if these people meant for this to happen, but they did want to get close. Watch the video and form your own opinion.

 With the spread of humans and urban sprawl, deer find that they have less and less places to go. They sometimes have no choice but to live alongside humans. Living that close means that it's inevitable that there are close encounters. Deer seem gentle, but they are big and powerful.

I've been in many situations myself where deer have threatened me. They have always backed down, but I don't know what the future might hold. I make sure to try and never provoke them, but sometimes just a human presence might be considered provocation by an angry or territorial deer.

This video was by someone called Nexten, from a story on MSNBC. It was put on YouTube on December 22, 2007.

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  1. Wow, like I said on your other post I get a little nervous when close to them. That being said, if I was a deer I'd attack a hunter too. LOL.

  2. I'm sorry but if you are there to deliberately provoke an animal, you deserve what you get. I agree with Mother Goose on this, these people are not only idiots but should be ashamed of themselves. There should be some law against this kind of behavior. From some views it looks to me as if the buck is defending himself.

    I once came within about 10 feet or so of a deer up in Marin county. I was alone, did not know what to do and we both stood there for a few seconds just looking at each other. I thought to myself if I run, he's going to chase me so I just turned and walked away slowly. When I looked back he was gone. To me, it's simple, if you provoke an animal, they will respond.

  3. I agree with Mother & Poetic, these people are total idiots! When human provoke animals the animal will attack, this film is more 'stupid human tricks' than actual nature. He is very lucky he decided to go after a deer and not something like a moose.

    In my backpacking days I encountered many deer and never felt threatened in any way. They are beautiful creatures and should be respected.

  4. They have always been dear to me.When biking one day I came around a corner on a trail and a doe was cleaning up after giving birth. I stayed still but it seemed like she was very relaxed.During deep snow this winter I saw how close I could get for pics, but moved with caution so as not to chase them away.We are overpopulated in some areas and are seeing more influx of cougars who also feel they are very dear.


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