Well the campfire is lit and the coffee pot is on. Pull up a log, pour a cup, and help me plan my next adventure. We are going to Arkansas, The Natural State, this week. Come with me to the 25th state and we'll see some nature.

Arkansas is the only state to have a law to give the correct pronunciation of its name (AR-kan-saw). The state beverage is milk and the state tree is the loblolly pine. By now you know how I get my information together to decide what I want to do, so I will give the links at the end of my post. I received the Arkansas tour guide in about 2 weeks. I was really impressed by what they sent me. There are several little booklets to acquaint me with Arkansas and cards to order others if I want information on other activities. I feel like they really want me to visit.

The state parks guide tells me there are more than 50 state parks. In the guide the fees are listed and there is an overview of each park. Crater of Diamonds State Park is the only place in the world where us common folk can hunt for diamonds and keep what we find. In fact, the Strawn-Walker Diamond which is 1.09 carat after cutting is graded D-flawless,0/0/0. That is the highest grade a diamond can be and so rare that many gemologists and jewelers never get to see one. Park staff provide free identification and certification of diamonds found at the park. You might also find amethyst, garnet, jasper, agate, quartz, or other precious stones. Rock-hounds will have the time of their lives.

Arkansas has more than 250 hiking trails, birding tours, backpacking trails, equestrian experiences, lakes, camping, and of course beautiful scenery. You'll see flowers, forests ,and medicinal plants. There are several archeological digs with artifacts on display. There are waterfalls and other scenic views for photographers

The Ozark Mountains are a major attraction. I remember as a youngster that there were pipes of flowing spring water along the highways. It was the sweetest water I ever tasted. Probably not there anymore but I'll look for them. The Ozarks feature clear-water lakes, towering bluffs, and underground caverns. Lodges and cabins are available for lodging in the mountains.

I'm ready to put out the fire and head for Arkansas. Maybe I'll see you there. If you get a chance to do some exploring in Arkansas, let me know how much fun you have. Make sure you check the links below.


Arkansas Tour Guide

Ozark Vacation Planning Guide

Offbeat Tourist Attractions


  1. Friends of mine are there right now, but they are not hikers/nature hounds, sad to say.


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