Squirrel Attacks Deer

This cool nature video for this week shows that any animal big or small can get angry at another. You all might think that squirrels are sweet little forest creatures, but this video shows a very different story. Watch as this deer is attacked by a squirrel while seemingly minding its own business.
Remember this the next time a squirrel seems angry with you, and chatters at you threateningly.

This video was brought to us by a person called kickmyass12 on May 29, 2006. I'm not sure if this is the original poster of this video since I've seen it at multiple sources, but this is the earliest I've found so far. The video actually seems to have originated from ABC TV on April 23, 1999.

We feature cool nature videos from sources around the internet. We always give full credit to the source. Do you have a cool nature video that you think is worthy of being featured here?


  1. Ha! Ha! Maybe the squirrel was going to jump on his head to get the nut in his mouth...Great video though whoever took it.


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